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2013 Blog: Were Back | Scripted Series

Posted by Qlown on March 7, 2013 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello Everyone, 

It has been over three years since I made a blog post on this website. Many things have changed in the past three years, including the website and the shows that have been added. Everyone, remembers last year when "Life with Styles" returned with a new season. That show was coming off a two year hiatus and has now finally crossed that boundary. However, during Qlown Productions 2012, we had begun production on shows that had the potential to go far. One of them, was "The Wallabee Project" which was developed by me, Josh Garbin, Russell Braddy and Matthew Beck. Due to creative differences, Matthew dropped from the project and later Samuel Townsend took his place as a co-producer and actor on the show. We attempted to film a scripted webseries, focusing on the characters and their lives. However, people in the production crew had school, jobs and other things that were going on in their lives. This caused the project to hit several downfalls, but during our first real attempt we actually completed a short film instead.



This film did not feature Sam, instead we decided to do ten short films featuring two to three characters interacting with each other. However, the availibility of the actors, cameraman and the rest of the crew was terrible. Even when I attempted to recruit other side actors to the project, it did not work and they never really put any interest in it. I realized that I triggered this project, but the future never really came clear. I saw potential in the project, just as much as the people that helped worked on it. However, I can't control their lives and their futures, so if they leave for legit reasons. Then they must leave, but through that experience I wanted to try something new. I still wanted Qlown Productions to branch and still get into the scripted side of videos. However, the only shows that come close are my cartoons which I write scripts for. However, I have plans on going back to the genre our team has left. I am developing an crime-drama webseries, that will be produced by Qlown Productions and Shrimp Dog Productions. I am currently going through ideas in my head, and will start processing a script in the next month or two. In the summer, I will consider doing a casting session to see who could play what. However, I will be taking it one step at a time and the people from the last project I did will barely be involved or will not return. We have alot of things coming up this year in Qlown Productions, please stay updated as we continue to make quality entertainment for you. 

Thank You, 
Quantrell Howard 
Founder of Qlown Productions